Whilst we do not have an online shop at present, we have a fantastic collection of railway memorabilia, models and more at our Norchard base.

Some items are displayed below. If you would like to arrange a purchase, please contact Hilary Hill at hilary.a.hill@outlook.com.

DFLG Shop:  Items for sale

Cast Iron NoticesCrossing No GatesSOLD
LNER Warning to Trespassers70.00
Somerset and Dorset Company Rule20.00
Wagon PlatesD plate DB99624920.00
Owners JAN 842A BR(Sc) 195920.00
Builders Metro Cammell Built st Midland works 193035.00
Builders R Y Pickering, Wishaw, Glasgow35.00
Builders Powell Duffryn Eng Co Ltd Cambrian Wks CDF50.00
Repair Gen repair WR Ltd 198212.00
Repair Wagon repairs Ltd Glos for repair advise35.00
D plate B389013 26T Derby 1961 Lot 336320.00
D plate B388740 26T Derby 1961 Lot 336320.00
Owners CEGB Midlands region Tel 021-458-296850.00
Misc Printar Industries Ltd Silvertown EC80.00
Owners Pressed Steel Corporation 9815 owners50.00
Lamps LMS lantern broken glass no burner45.00
LMS lantern broken glass with burner65.00
BR Handlamp broken glass with burner55.00
Locos: boxed newHornby Class 92 92070 Grey R37455.00
Hornby Class 37 EW&S 3741565.00
Lima Class 66 Freightliner L20522965.00
Lima Class 57 Freightliner L20464955.00
Lima Class 47 Freightliner L20460055.00
Locos: 2nd hand Hornby Evening Star 35.00
Triang Princess Elizabeth (green) 10.00
Triang Princess Elizabeth (black)20.00
Triang GWR 408310.00
Triang Princess Elizabeth (black) 10.00
Backmann 7501450.00
Triang 3 car SR electric set (motor in both ‘motor cars’)35.00
Triang: boxed OOR629 level crossing5.00
R123 long wheel-base horse box (3)5.00
R122 cattle wagon5.00
R210 Shell fuel oil wagon 4.00
R16 Brake van (2)4.00
R14 Fish van 3.00
R112 Guards truck with drop doors 4.00
R10 Open 12T goods truck4.00
R13 Coal truck4.00
R124 Brake truck long wheel-base 5.00
R118 Bogie well wagon4.00
R188 River Bridge12.00
Oxford Rail OOOR76 WW002 Warwell Diamond Bogies BR DM3603314.00
Dapol: boxed OOBuckley Junction 7 plank wagon No 24 (4F-071-148)7.00
Unboxed 2nd handMany trucks various Triang, Hornby etc £2.00 – £5.00
Coaches OOAll coaches £8.00 – £10.00 each some described below
Triang Pulman set Mary, Anne, Car no 79 (2)
Hornby LNER (3)
Dapol GWR brake van (2)
Hornby GWR clerestory brake van and third
N gauge: boxed
Model RailwaysNC010 BR maroon autocoach 19618.00
Graham Farish371003 Class 08 Diesel shunter 13365 BR green50.00
371-979 61XX Prairie Tank 6169 GWR green60.00
374-536 Hawksworth coach 3rd class corridor GWR23.00
374-511 Hawksworth coach brake 3rd class corridor GWR23.00
0656 Pulman brake end composite coach18.00
GWR coach18.00
LNER tender10.00
Buses: boxed
CorgiRoutemaster Scottish Clydeside20.00
OM44706 Dennis Dart Brighton Hove20.00
Blackpool Transport 12 St Annes18.00
Plaxton Premier Nat. Express Remembrance Day Special23.00
Open top bus5.00
EFERMA Routemaster Clydeside Quicksilver10.00
Leyland RTL EFE 25th anniversary (3)8.00
Original OmnibusNational Express coach19.00
Great British BusNorthern Scottish Olympian10.00
Trucks: boxed
CorgiSuperhauler Duke’s Transport15.00
SR Express Parcel service 97140 AEC 508 5t cabover (O)10.00
97120 Bedford O Series LNER parcels 12.00
16401 Siddle C Cook Ltd Scammel Highwayman 33’18.00
23101 Eddie Stobart Ford transcontinental tilt trailer25.00
TY87002 DAF 95’ Duke’s transpost cab & curtainside15.00
Cars: boxed
Vanguard 1:43VA 55001 Ford Consul 3000GT Historic Rally 199815.00
VA55000 Lancashire Constabulary Ford Consul 3000GT15.00
VA05205 Ford Granada Ghia diamond white with black15.00
VA12101 Subaru Impreza Turbo Humberside Police 15.00
VA06302 Essex Police Morris Marina 180015.00
VA05505 Ford Consul pearl grey/ruby red15.00
CorgiVA 09603 Range Rover Gt Manchester Police15.00
CorgiVA10301 Ford Cortina MK111 Lancashire Constabulary15.00
LedoVA09003 Rover SDI Fife Constabulary traffic dept car15.00
CorgiVA05511 Ford Consul 3000GT Lancashire Police15.00
CorgiVA09611 Range Rover Met Police special escort15.00
Misc vehicles
Ford Crown Victoria Police interceptor (RCMP)15.00
Casino Royale Miami-Dade Police 00715.00
Mercedes Benz L1519 (fire engine)8.00
Models  OO
Hornby: boxed Skaledale Compressor House15.00
Skaledale headstock substation8.00
Skaledale Lower Shaft  House10.00
Skaledale Canal bridge ramps10.00
OO 2nd handChurch with tower8.00
Water tower5.00
Engine shed10.00
Houses/shops 33.00 – £5.00
8” diameter pond, ducks, fishermen7.00
Airfix turntable8.00
Goods shed
N gaugeWater tower, station house, goods shed, signal box2 – 3.00
Britains (lead)Farm wagon 5’15.00
Timber carriage 12’ 2 horses20.00
Tumbler 4’ 2 horses10.00
Tractor 8.00
Rob RowlandA Quiet Moment (signed) 50.00
My Back Yard (signed)50.00
Look Mum (signed) 50.00
Cornishman passing Barton St Junction 1963 (signed)50.00
Barton gates Gloucester40,00
David ShepherdGuildford Steam Shed no 3 (signed limited ed. 823/900)50.00
Guildford Steam Shed no 2 (signed limited ed 823/900)50.00
E. Somerset Black Prince, Green Kt on Shed Cranmore20.00
M JefferiesPulling Away70.00
Great Eastern Express Loco 1853 (Railway Magazine)40.00
GWR 100 years of progress25.00
My Goodness My Guinness10.00
Many framed photographs etc various prices
Airfix ModelsHarrow10.00
Biggin Hill (2) 10.00
Evening Star10.00
19th century beam engine15.00
Westland Sea King 1:7210.00
MatchboxMesserschmitt Me262 Blitzbomber 1:725.00
BAe Hawk T Mk 1/51 Red Arrow5.00
RevellP-51 B Mustang 1115.00
P-47M Thunderbolt5.00
Locomotive Personenzug 40 1/8710.00
Cheatwell3D model puzzle Flying Scotsman10,00
ChinaDavenport Pottery Limited Edition plates
Cornish Riveria8.00
Queen of Scots8.00
Southern Belle8.00
Model Railway Items
Miniature Switches2nd Hand: NB. all require solder cleaning off
On-off-on pk of 42.00
On-on or on-off pk of 21.00
Momentary (for points) (on) – off – (on) pk of 42.00
Momentary (for points) (on) – off – (on) pk of 42.00
Momentary (for points) (on) – off – (on) pk of 42.00
Momentary (for points) (on) – off – (on) pk of 42.00
Momentary (for points) (on) – off – (on) pk of 42.00
Momentary (for points) (on) – off – (on) pk of 42.00
2 gang on – off – on pk of 21.00
2 gang on – off – on pk of 21.00
2 gang on – on pk of 21.00
Point MotorsOld Hornby point motors (11) 1.00 each
Peco point motors (need solder cleaning) (17)NB. not for PL-13 2.50 each
TrackMostly ‘OO’ a little ‘N’ gauge
Straights – 1 metre lengths 
Straights – short lengths
Old Triang ‘OO’ 

Books – please note that this is the tip of the iceberg! Do ask by title or author for any further books and we will look to see if we have them on the shelves!

Pope. How, KarauThe Severn and Wye Railway Vol.1£20
Pope,How, KarauThe Severn and Wye Railway Vol.1£20
Pope. How, KarauThe Severn and Wye Railway Vol.2£20
ParkhouseNeilVol.2 Forest of Dean and Severn Bridge£25
SiviterRogerSteam and the Western Region 1976-2005£8
SemmensP W BThe Heyday of GWR Train Services£8
BryanTimThe Inheritance: the GWR between the Wars£9
SimmonsJackSt Pancras Station£9
WatersLaurenceGWR Then and Now£18
NicholasJohnLines to Torrington£15
Mourton, PixtonStephen & BobBirmingham to Bristol: Portrait of a famous Midland route Pt.1 B’ham – Cheltenham£8
Mourton, PixtonStephen & BobBirmingham to Bristol: Portrait of a famous Midland route Pt.2 Chelt – Bristol & Bath£8
PopeIanBR Steam in Dean:Photos of Ben Ashworth£8
KelleyPhilp JGW Road Vehicles Appendix£18
Briwant-JonesGRailway through Talerddig£8
HollandJulianExploring Britain’s Lost Railways£4
SiviterRogerSW Steam: Salisbury-Exeter-Taunton-Penzance£8
BR Past & PresentStrettonJohnDean Forest Railway Vol.2£10
BR Past & PresentStrettonJohnWest Somerset£5
BR Past & PresentMitchellDavidSomerset£5
BR Past & PresentShannonPaulNorth Wales Pt, 2£5
BR Past & PresentGoughTerryWest Wales£5
BR Past & PresentMitchellDavidCornwall£3
BR Past & PresentMorrisonBrianNorth west, West and South west London£3
BR Past & PresentMorrisonBrianNorth east, East and South east London£3
BR Past & PresentMitchellDavidEast Devon£3
BR Past & PresentSiviterRogerThe Central Wales Line£5
BR Past & PresentGrayPeter WPaignton and Dartmouth£3
ChristopherJohnSt Pancras Station through time£8
Oakwood PressJenkinsStanley CThe Ross, Monmouth and Ponypool Railway Line£8
Oakwood PressJenkinsStanley CThe Ross, Monmouth and Ponypool Railway Line£8
Oakwood PressWardwoodB L & M JThe Harpenden & Hemel Hempstead Railway: The Nickey Line£8
Oakwood PressJenkinsStanley CNorthampton & Banbury Junction Railway£8
Oakwood PressJenkinsStanley CNorthampton & Banbury Junction Railway£6
Oakwood PressTannerGThe Calne Branch£6
Oakwood PressBarrieD SThe Barry Railway 1st edition£7
Oakwood PressSandsT BThe Midland and SW Junction Railway£6
Oakwood PressRobbinsMichaelThe Isle of Wight Railways£6
Oakwood PressJenkinsStanley CThe Witney and East Gloucester Railway (Fairford Branch)£6
Oakwood PressWilkinsonregThe Wantage Tramway£6
Oakwood PressChapmanColinThe Vale of Glamorgan Railway£8
Oakwood PressPriceM R CThe Cleobury Mortimer & Ditton Priors Light Railway£4
Oakwood PressSandsT BThe Didcot, Newbury & Southampton Railway£6
Oakwood PressJudgeColinThe Elan Valley Railway£8
Oakwood PressBoydJames I CNarrow Gauge Railways in S Caernarvonshire£10
LuckingJ HThe GW at Weymouth: Railway and Shipping History£6
Jackson, TattershallBL & M JThe Bridport Branch£6
GouldDavidCardiff’s Electric Tramways£7
LuckingJ HRailways of Dorset£8
HolmesArthur HFighting Forces Handbook£8
OakleyE RLondon County Council Tramway Vol.1 South London£8
LMSRVol.5 The London and Birmingham Railway£5
WebbKeithRobert Mushett & the Darkhill Ironworks£5
Part 1 Preliminary Survey£5
The Locos of GWRPart 2 Broad Gauge£5
The Locos of GWRPart 8 Modern Passenger Classes£5
The Locos of GWRPart 13£5