Whilst we do not have an online shop at present, we have a fantastic collection of railway memorabilia, models and more at our Norchard base.

The DFLG shop is now open but if you wish, please contact hilary.a.hill@outlook.com to make purchases.  We are now able to arrange for electronic payments to be invoiced (plus postage costs) and to send them out.  All enquiries to Hilary as above please.

We act as agents for some items which are sold on behalf of individuals under the Retail Gift Aid Scheme.

Hornby Duplo 3-rail locomotives

Bristol Castle 4-6-0YMotor working but very weak£2017/12
A4 Sir Nigel Gresley 4-6-2YNo. 7 LNER blue, runs well good condition£5017/12
Silver King 4-6-2YWorking£5017/12
Silver King 4-6-2NRuns better backwards than forwards£2517/12
Duchess of Montrose 4-6-2YVery good runner, part of valve gear missing left side.£40
Duchess of Montrose 4-6-2YWorking£40
Duchess of Montrose 4-6-2YMotor shorting may need replacing£50
Duchess of Montrose 4-6-2YWorking£4011/12
Duchess of Atholl 4-6-2Npoor condition needs re-magnetising£2005/12
Dorchester 4-6-2 (boxed)Yvery poor condition, corroded, static model only£1005/12
BR 2-8-0YWorking£5005/12
BR 2-6-4 tank 80054
Needs re-magnetising and brushes£2005/12
BR 0-6-2 tank 69567
BR 0-6-2 tank 69567
Good runner£35

2-rail locomotives (all run better on Code 100 not fine scale track)

TriangBritannia 4-6-2YSlightly damaged front, working£2004/12
TriangA4 Peregrine 4-6-2 (4903) Black war-time NE livery.YReasonable condition armature needs replacing/mending£60
G&R WrennCity of Glasgow 4-6-2YTender not perfect£70
G&R WrennCity of Stoke-on-Trent 4-6-2NWorking£30
G&R WrennCity of London 4-6-2NWorking slowly needs re-magnetising£30
G&R WrennLyme Regis 4-6-2NWorking£30
AirfixRoyal Scot 4-6-0 (black)YWorking£40
TriangPrincess Royal 4-6-2YWorking£40
WrennLMS 2-6-4 20738 tank
TriangFlying Scotsman 4-6-2NWorking£25
?GWR Hall 4-6-0 (4983)YWorking£30
AirfixGWR 2-6-2 Tank (6110)
TriangGWR 0-6-0 tank (8751)
Triang0-4-0 Diesel dock shunter
With light working£2001/01
TriangR734 Southern 0-4-4 tank
Needs new motor£15Broken
TriangexLMS/BR 0-6-0 tank (47606)
Working. Body slightly damaged£25Missing
Mainline0-6-0 tank 3205


Triang Transcontinental Sets (all run better on Code 100 track)

4-6-2 TR 2335 +tenderR126 bogie Cattle wagon R139 bogie Westwood Pickles R115 Caboose/Gondola R137 bogie Hopper£4008/12

4-6-2 TR 2335 + tenderR118 bogie low loader Bogie low loader with logs Bogie Box car/goods van Bogie Refrigerator van£40

Diesel (4008) transcontinental Runs very wellR130 (134) Bogie baggage car (blue roof) R24/25 (R131/132) Dome coach (and Blue roof) Diner (grey roof) Observation car (grey roof)£40

Other Locomotives etc.

Boxed locos

Hornby Class 92 92070 Grey R374 £55

Lima Railfreight Class 37 37082 £55

Lima Class 50 50007 Sir Edward Elgar 205140 £65

Lima Class 47 47628 Sir Daniel Gooch 205213 £65

N Gauge Stock

MakeDescriptionPriceDate Sold

TriangR120 Suburban brake/3rd maroon M43171£10

R121 Suburban coach maroon M41006£10

R121 Suburban coach maroon M41006£10

HornbyVee Tank Wagon (boxed) Collectors Club£1527/12

PlaycraftBogie car with sliding doors (brown)£7
TriangR10 Goods truck (brown no lettering)£7

R114 Box car (yellow/grey)£7

R116 Gondola (blue)£7

R118 Well wagon (blue)£7

R127 BP tank wagon – grey£7

R138 Snowplough (boxed)£15

R139 Westwood Pickles pickle car£1527/12

R210 fuel tanker black£7

R211 Shell lubricating tank wagon£7

R341 Searchlight wagon (light working)£20

R344 Track cleaning car£7

R325 Pulpwood car£7

TriangRP14 ‘The Barclay’ power transformer and controller (boxed)£15


TrixDiesel D5379 BR Green£50


LimaMk 1 Composite BR western region (chocolate and cream)£12
Lima1st/3rd dining car BR western region (chocolate and cream)£12
Lima1st/3rd dining car BR western region (chocolate and cream)£12
LimaMk 1 3rd guard BR western region (chocolate and cream)£12
LimaMk 1 3rd guard BR western region (chocolate and cream)£12
LimaBR southern region Mk 1 Composite (green)£12
LimaBR southern region Mk 1 Composite/guard (green)£12

GW non-corridor suburban 3rd (chocolate and cream)£12

GW non-corridor/guard (chocolate and cream)£12


LimaBR Guard’s van£8
PecoPallet van Ford (blue)£8
PecoPallet Van (brown)£8
PecoE87000 Fish van£8
PecoE87000 Fish van£8
PecoHopper wagon£8
PecoNE Steel coal wagon (brown)£8
PecoSR 7 plank coal wagon£8
PecoLMS Cattle wagon£8
PecoSR 10T 53710 Cattle wagon£8
PecoSR Banana wagon£8
PecoRefrigerator Van£8
PecoSaxa Salt wagon£8
PecoGW Ventilated wagon£8
Peco5 plank open wagon Charles Dunsdon, Slough£8

16T B58657 steel wagon£8

Dinky Toys – majority in excellent condition

ModelPriceDate soldModelPriceDate sold
Bedford Tipper£15
3T army wagon 621
Bedford Arctic£25
Army wagon 623£40

Army wagon 623£40

Morris Oxford£2011/12Army person carrier£40
Triumph£2005/12Gun 692£20

Austin Devon£2005/12Gun 692£20

Royal Mail 260£2011/12Gun 686£20

Vauxhall 164£2005/12Gun 686£20

Austin Somerset 161£2005/121T cargo truck 641£30

Austin Van 470£1511/12Centurion Tank£40

Daimler Ambulance£10
Armoured car 670£30

Bedford 480£1511/12Armoured car 670£30

Hillman Minx£2005/12Field artillery tractor 688£25

Morris Oxford£2005/12Field artillery tractor 688£25

Field Marshall Tractor 301£40
Army Scout car 673£20

Commer Breakdown wagon£15

Leyland Comet£15
Maserati 23£1511/12
Ferrari 234£1511/12
Ford Zephyr£2011/12Alpha Romeo 23F£1511/12







Books – please note that this is the tip of the iceberg! Do ask by title or author for any further books and we will look to see if we have them on the shelves!

We have received a number of Oakwood press books in addition to those listed. Please get in touch if you would like more information.

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To reserve any books please contact hilary.a.hill@outlook.com