Whilst we do not have an online shop at present, we have a fantastic collection of railway memorabilia, models and more at our Norchard base.

The DFLG shop is now open again on every running day and socially distanced access now includes the central area where there are many railway modelling items as well as a large number of railway books.  The stock now includes a number of diesel locos all in good running order.

We have now received a large number of local wagons all boxed and many limited editions, all in excellent condition. 

The DFLG shop is now open but if you wish, please contact hilary.a.hill@outlook.com to make purchases.  We are now able to arrange for electronic payments to be invoiced (plus postage costs) and to send them out.  All enquiries to Hilary as above please.

We act as agents for some items which are sold on behalf of individuals under the Retail Gift Aid Scheme.

Locomotives for sale 

Locomotives for sale 

Hornby YClass 92 92070 Grey R374£55
LimaYClass 57 Freightliner L204649£55
HornbyYR2877 BR 0-4-0T 2009£25
TriangBR Diesel Pullman Motorcar (poor condition) £10
Triang/HornbyYR152 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter BR (blue)£25??
LimaYRailfreight Class 37 37082£55
LimaYClass 50 50007 Sir Edward Elgar 205140£65
LimaYClass 47 47628 Sir Daniel Gooch 205213£65
LimaYClass 47 47487 Intercity£65
HornbyYR051 GWR 0-6-0PT tank engine£10
TriangYR334 and R37 Lord of the Isles engine (lacks dome) and tender£35
HornbyYR357 BR Diesel Electric Loco (green)£25
TriangPrincess Elizabeth 2 bodies, tenders, chassis parts, motoroffers

Coaches for sale

HornbyYEx southern coach£25
TriangR28 coach with guards van crimson/cream£7
R29-221 Composite coach crimson/cream£7
R29 Mk 1 Composite coach crimson/cream£7
R228 Pullman ‘Ruth£8
R228 Pullman ‘Jane£8
YR401 Operating Mail Coach (repainted in GWR colours0£15
R332 GWR Paddington – Bristol clerestory coach£8
R332 GWR Paddington – Bristol clerestory coach£8
R332 GWR Paddington – Bristol clerestory coach£8
R333 GWR Paddington – Bristol clerestory coach with guard£8
R28 corridor coach with guard’s compartment (over painted)£7
YR339 BR 2nd class sleeper Paddington – Bristol £10
YR322 BR Restaurant car Paddington – Bristol £10
American HO Transcontinental coach£10
Hornby  DubloPullman ‘Aries’ (slightly damaged)£7
HornbyGWR Corridor coach£8
JouefSNCF coach grey£4
HO BR Mk1 coach in blue and grey livery (guards van)£8
HO BR Mk1 coach in blue and grey livery£8
TriangR23 Mail van (missing one door)£8
YTrack cleaner Permanent Way wagon (no roof)£5
GrafarGWR 1st class coach£8
GWR corridor coach with guard’s compartment£8
GWR corridor coach with guard’s compartment £8
Wagons Boxed Limited EditionsPriceSold
DapolOpen Phoenix Ross & Monmouth£20
Wagons Boxed
DapolOpen Gloucester Gas Light Co.£20
Open Llewellyn Ross£20
Open Monmouth Steam Sawmills£20
Open Monmouth Steam Sawmills£20
Open Iron Ore Wagon£15
Wagons Unboxed
Bolster Flat Truck and load (wood)£8
Bolster Flat Truck and load (wood)£8
Steel Mineral Truck with load (stone)£8
Five-plank Wagon£8
Five-plank Wagon£8
HornbyBrake Van (red, old couplings)£5
Five-plank Wagon (yellow, old couplings)£5
Coaches etc
Hornby4 Wheel short coach GWR£8
4 Wheel short coach GWR£8
4 Wheel short coach GWR£8
TriangAmerican HO Triang Railways Transcontinental Coach£10
JouefHO BR Mk 1 coach in blue and grey livery (guards van)£8
HO BR Mk 1 coach in blue and grey livery£8

DinkyAustin Lorry with cover£10
HornbyElevated track supports (new)£20
DuetteController H&M Duette and plug boxed£40

Hornby Dublo 

A Hornby Dublo 3 rail collection has been given to the DFLG Shop.  It has been in store since the 1980ies.  A full list of 3 rail track, locos and mainly tinplate rolling stock much of it boxed is available on the DFLG website.  The track includes small and large radius curves, 30 full length straights and numerous smaller length, including uncoupling, terminal rails and isolating rails, together with isolating points, some electrical.  In addition a Royal Mail coach and track apparatus and colour light signals.   A small part of the track has been cleaned, tested and working.

The locos include the generic Hornby 0-6-2 goods/passenger in black with early BR emblem.  This is an excellent runner.  An ex-GWR Bristol Castle with BR later emblem works but is slow (new motor/re-magnetising/brushes?) includes route indicator headboards and labels Torbay Express/Cornish Riviera Express.  

In addition there is a re-built ex-Southern, West Country 4-6-2 Dorchester in BR green runs well but is sadly lacking its tender.  A BHP Bo-Bo Diesel-electric freight loco needs re-assembly/new brushes/magnetising and 2 traction tyres, the body needs TLC.

And a box of ‘bits and pieces’, 2 old motors, loco nuts and bolts, insulating tabs etc.

In addition there are some 2 rail items:

There are parts of a Rovex/Triang (two rail) Princess Elizabeth – 2 bodies, chassis parts, motor and tender.

Also a USA tender, 3 Rovex/Triang wagon frames, Triang diesel dock shunter needing repair.

With the sad passing of Graham Bradley a number of railway items have been donated to the DFLG.  (See DFLG web page for these and also a number of Forest of Dean wagons from another donation).  

Precision instruments

Pair of Kern draughtsmen pens (boxed)

Precision drawing sets (boxed): One includes two Standardgraph nibs (56s and 53s) and a scale; the other includes Standardgraph nib 53s.

All suitable for a scratch builder perfectionist or perhaps a Club for corporate resources.

Enquiries to hilary.a.hill@outlook.com.  All proceeds to the DFLG funds for 5541, 9681, 9681 and other DFLG developments.  

Inspection of all the above can be arranged on Wednesdays at Norchard in the DFLG Shop.  Please e-mail Hilary as above to make arrangements. 

Books – please note that this is the tip of the iceberg! Do ask by title or author for any further books and we will look to see if we have them on the shelves!

We have received a number of Oakwood press books in addition to those listed. Please get in touch if you would like more information.

Click the link for an updated list of books in the DFLG Shop.

To reserve any books please contact hilary.a.hill@outlook.com