BR Built, GWR ‘Fruit D’

BR W3411,
GWR ‘Fruit D’ Van built 1950

Before the overhaul of our Pannier No 9681 could begin, the group realised there was an storage problem. An old container we had been using had rusted away, and we had nowhere to safely keep the bits & bobs off the engine.

A solution presented itself when one of our members was looking at the van rotting away at Lydney junction. The Fruit D would be an ideal place to store loco parts.

The wagon was towed to Norchard, and a complete rebuild started. Every component was stripped, repaired or replaced. Even the wood panelling you see now is brand new, faithfully copied from the original parts taken off the vehicle.

It now resides at Norchard, and is a vital piece of the DFLG puzzle.