The Dean Forest Locomotive Group is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) registered as a Charity No 1164847 in December 2015. The charity was formed from the unincorporated bodies of the Forest Prairie Fund (FPF) and the Forest Pannier Tank Fund ( FPTF ).

At present, the DFLG is the proud owner of 3 ex-GWR / BR locomotives:

  • Ex-GWR ‘4575’ class no. 5541, built August 1929
  • Ex-BR ‘5700’ class no. 9681, built May 1949
  • Ex-BR ‘5700’ class no. 9682, built May 1949

We also own items of rolling stock with Western Region heritage, including 2 Collett coaches (numbers 7362 and 5813)

Photo credit: Adrian Copley

A Brief History

The Forest Prairie Fund was formed in 1972 to preserve and operate ex GWR 2-6-2T Prairie Tank Locomotive No.5541; similarly, the Forest Pannier Tank Fund was formed in 1973 to preserve and operate ex BR 0-6-0T Pannier Tank Locomotive No. 9681.

The FPTF changed its name in 1998 to the DFLG in anticipation of increasing the number of locomotives in its care.

 You can support us financially or practically by becoming a Member or an Associate of the DFLG (CIO) – click here for more details!

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