Hornby Dublo 3 rail and 2 rail stock now in the shop!

We have had a very generous donation of Hornby 3 and 2 rail locos and stock to our shop at Norchard. Please see the list below. Items are subject to availability – please send an email to hilary.a.hill@outlook.com if you would like further info, or pop into the DFLG shop coach on any running day.

Hornby Dublo 3-rail locomotives

Bristol Castle 4-6-0YMotor working but very weak£20
A4 Sir Nigel Gresley 4-6-2 YNo. 7 LNER blue, runs well good condition£50
Silver King 4-6-2YWorking£50
Silver King 4-6-2NRuns better backwards than forwards£25
Duchess of Montrose 4-6-2YVery good runner, part of valve gear missing left side.£40
Duchess of Montrose 4-6-2YWorking£40
Duchess of Montrose 4-6-2YWorking£40
Duchess of Atholl 4-6-2Npoor condition needs re-magnetising£20
Dorchester 4-6-2 (boxed)Yvery poor condition, corroded, static model only£10
BR 2-8-0YWorking£50
BR 2-6-4 tank 80054Needs re-magnetising and brushes£20
BR 0-6-2 tank 69567Working£25

2-rail locomotives (all run better on Code 100 not fine scale track)

TriangBritannia 4-6-2YSlightly damaged front, working£20
TriangA4 Peregrine 4-6-2 (4903) Black war-time NE livery.YReasonable condition armature needs replacing/mending£60
G&R WrennCity of Glasgow 4-6-2YTender not perfect£70
G&R WrennCity of Stoke-on-Trent 4-6-2NWorking£30
G&R WrennCity of London 4-6-2NWorking slowly needs re-magnetising£30
G&R WrennLyme Regis 4-6-2NWorking£30
AirfixRoyal Scot 4-6-0 (black)YWorking£40
TriangPrincess Royal 4-6-2YWorking£40
WrennLMS 2-6-4 20738 tankWorking£50
Triang Flying Scotsman 4-6-2NWorking£25
?GWR Hall 4-6-0 (4983)YWorking£35
AirfixGWR 2-6-2 Tank (6110)Working£15
TriangGWR 0-6-0 tank (8751)working£30
Triang0-4-0 Diesel dock shunter With light working£20
TriangR734 Southern 0-4-4 tankNeeds new motor£15
TriangexLMS/BR 0-6-0 tank (47606)Working.  Body slightly damaged£25

Triang Transcontinental Sets (all run better on Code 100 track)

4-6-2 TR 2335 +tenderR126 bogie Cattle wagon R139 bogie Westwood Pickles R115 Caboose/Gondola R137 bogie Hopper£40
4-6-2 TR 2335 + tenderR118 bogie low loader Bogie low loader with logs Bogie Box car/goods van Bogie Refrigerator van£40
Diesel (4008) transcontinentalRuns very wellR130 (134) Bogie baggage car (blue roof) R24/25 (R131/132) Dome coach (Blue roof) Diner (grey roof) Observation car (grey roof)£40