Progress Report – February 2017

Mink G No. W112857 has now been moved into the shed at Norchard for restoration to continue undercover. Previously some 430 hours of work had been carried out by our volunteers at Lydney Junction station yard. A small amount of the iron work on the vehicle will now be replaced, before a complete body re-plank will take place. More on the Mink G can be found here.

The overhaul of Pannier 9681 continues with the clearing of scale, muck and rust off the frames. The big news is ‘that the cylinder block is nearly ready to come out’ with just five bolts remaining in the frames holding the block in place.

The wheel sets have returned from the South Devon Railway where the tyres were re-profiled and the axle journals and thrust faces were turned and polished. Also arrived back from the SDR are two new bunker corner pressings.

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