Progress Report – September 2018

It’s been a while! We’re looking to reintroduce regular updates of our work – for starters, here’s what we’ve been working on over the summer…

Small Prairie No. 5541
Due to the exceptional fire risk, No. 5541 has recently had a break from DFR service, with the exception of a Branch Line Experience duty. No. 5541 returned to service at the start of September, with WD152 ‘Rennes’ taking a well-earned break.

Pannier No. 9681
Work on No. 9681 has continued apace, with the further sections of the new running plate, cab floor and rear drag box being riveted into place. Further work has seen machining on the brake shaft, steam brake cylinder and piston rods.

Collett BCK No. 7362
The sourcing of missing parts continues in advance of the main restoration. We were grateful for the invitation to meet the GW(SVR)A, owners of several GWR coaches based on the Severn Valley Railway, to discuss techniques and methods of restoration which has assisted our planning for the upcoming restoration.

Collett TK No. 5813
Our Fundraising Shop continues to raise funds through the sale of donated items such as books, jigsaws and bric-a-brac. If any readers have any items they would be willing to donate to help us raise funds for the DFLG, please let us know.

Mink G No. 112857
Work to complete the restoration of the underframe has continued, & the delivery of the floor boards ready for fitting.

The above represents a brief overview of the DFLG’s current project. We’re always looking for volunteers to join our dedicated team, so if you’re interested please get in touch!


Austerity ‘Rennes’
Rennes has borne the brunt of the DFR service trains in recent weeks, due to the fire risk & the fitting of spark arresting equipment. Rennes has been taking a well-earned break since the end of August for some routine maintenance, with No. 5541 taking over.

Mk1 BSK No. 34742
Volunteers from a variety of departments have been assisting our colleagues in C&W as No. 34742 nears completion. We’re all looking forward to seeing this coach in traffic for the first time on the DFR.