Update April 2020

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 global crisis, many heritage railways and locomotive groups find themselves in a difficult position. Planned and ongoing works cannot progress at the rate they usually would, and trains cannot run until certainty on the decline of the situation is sought.

That said, we at the DFLG want to assure our supporters that whilst conventional works cannot take place currently, small jobs are being undertaken by volunteers within the confines of their homes to ensure that as soon as we get the ‘green light’ from the government, we can set about our usual activities on site in as much of a position of strength as possible.

Balancing and piston works have taken place on Prairie No.5541 to ensure it is ready for when we return. Fundraising continues to help support recent acquisition 9682. There is plenty still happening and we look forward to getting back to work on our list of projects when it is safe to do so.

See you soon.