Pannier 9681 out on test!

You may have seen on our social media channels that ex BR Pannier No9681 has been out and about on test over the last two weekends.
Tom Halford and the engineering team have been running the loco up and down the line to check that all components are working properly and carrying out minor adjustments if needed.

5541 and 9681 were both operating on Saturday 25th Feb on loaded test. 5541 had recently been stopped for routine winter maintenance and was being tested ahead of the members day on the 11th March, where both locomotives will be in steam, operating an intensive timetable for members of the DFLG and DFRS.

Forest Pannier No.9681 is outshopped!

Photo. T.Buffin

After 9 years of hard work and a pandemic, BR 57xx Pannier Tank No.9681 was rolled out of Norchard shed today (03/11/22). Testing will commence shortly.
A huge thanks is owed to the small but dedicated team of volunteers; whom along with assistance from Western Steam Engineering, have worked tirelessly to overhaul the loco.
Thanks also to our members, supporters and donators who have helped fund the overhaul.

Look out for more updates as testing takes place!

Photo T.Halford

Latest update on Pannier 9681.

Thanks to the dedication of our engineering volunteers and Western Steam Engineering, 9681’s tanks were fitted back to the locomotive last weekend. The Pannier is now starting to resemble a finished locomotive again. Stay tuned for further updates as the locomotive starts to come back together!

Photo by M.Sexton

Pannier Boiler Reunited with Frames!

An exciting step towards the completion of the overhaul of 57xx Pannier Tank No.9681 was reached today, when the boiler was craned back into the frames for the first time in several years.
The boiler had recently passed its steam test with the boiler inspector present, and therefore the opportunity was taken to fit it back into the frames at Norchard on Saturday.
A big thanks is due to the small but dedicated DFLG engineering team based at Norchard for their hard work in this major step.

Photos with thanks to Matt Sexton and Tom Buffin.
Final assembly with now be carried out, with a view to returning the popular Pannier Tank engine to service towards the Autumn.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Pannier Boiler undergoes testing

The boiler from Pannier tank No.9681 has been steamed for the first time in many years. This is an excellent step forward towards the completion of the locomotive’s overhaul!
This is a credit to the small but dedicated engineering team at Norchard, along with hard work by Western Steam Engineering.

Once the boiler has been steam tested with a boiler inspector, it will be placed back in the frames ready for final rebuild.
Stay tuned for further updates….

Can you help support the DFLG through the winter?

The majority of our income is generated through steaming fees. Over the winter, our opportunities to steam in revenue earning service reduces hugely. However, it is also the time in which restoration projects are advanced, owing to the natural down time. It is important that we continue to fund raise as much as we can. Can you help us?

You can donate to any locomotive or item of rolling stock, or make a general donation to the DFLG.

5541 – Currently in traffic. Fundraising launched for overhaul in 2022.

9681- Undergoing major overhaul and expected back into traffic in 2022.

9682 – Long term restoration project.

We also have a variety of wagon restorations in progress.

You can donate by Bank Transfer to the DFLG via the following details: Dean Forest Locomotive Group, Barclays Bank, Sort Code 20-33-83 Account Number 10966932.

You can donate via Paypal at the following link: Donate (

All donations are gratefully received and help us to continue our restoration and conservation work. Many thanks!

Hornby Dublo 3 rail and 2 rail stock now in the shop!

We have had a very generous donation of Hornby 3 and 2 rail locos and stock to our shop at Norchard. Please see the list below. Items are subject to availability – please send an email to if you would like further info, or pop into the DFLG shop coach on any running day.

Hornby Dublo 3-rail locomotives

Bristol Castle 4-6-0YMotor working but very weak£20
A4 Sir Nigel Gresley 4-6-2 YNo. 7 LNER blue, runs well good condition£50
Silver King 4-6-2YWorking£50
Silver King 4-6-2NRuns better backwards than forwards£25
Duchess of Montrose 4-6-2YVery good runner, part of valve gear missing left side.£40
Duchess of Montrose 4-6-2YWorking£40
Duchess of Montrose 4-6-2YWorking£40
Duchess of Atholl 4-6-2Npoor condition needs re-magnetising£20
Dorchester 4-6-2 (boxed)Yvery poor condition, corroded, static model only£10
BR 2-8-0YWorking£50
BR 2-6-4 tank 80054Needs re-magnetising and brushes£20
BR 0-6-2 tank 69567Working£25

2-rail locomotives (all run better on Code 100 not fine scale track)

TriangBritannia 4-6-2YSlightly damaged front, working£20
TriangA4 Peregrine 4-6-2 (4903) Black war-time NE livery.YReasonable condition armature needs replacing/mending£60
G&R WrennCity of Glasgow 4-6-2YTender not perfect£70
G&R WrennCity of Stoke-on-Trent 4-6-2NWorking£30
G&R WrennCity of London 4-6-2NWorking slowly needs re-magnetising£30
G&R WrennLyme Regis 4-6-2NWorking£30
AirfixRoyal Scot 4-6-0 (black)YWorking£40
TriangPrincess Royal 4-6-2YWorking£40
WrennLMS 2-6-4 20738 tankWorking£50
Triang Flying Scotsman 4-6-2NWorking£25
?GWR Hall 4-6-0 (4983)YWorking£35
AirfixGWR 2-6-2 Tank (6110)Working£15
TriangGWR 0-6-0 tank (8751)working£30
Triang0-4-0 Diesel dock shunter With light working£20
TriangR734 Southern 0-4-4 tankNeeds new motor£15
TriangexLMS/BR 0-6-0 tank (47606)Working.  Body slightly damaged£25

Triang Transcontinental Sets (all run better on Code 100 track)

4-6-2 TR 2335 +tenderR126 bogie Cattle wagon R139 bogie Westwood Pickles R115 Caboose/Gondola R137 bogie Hopper£40
4-6-2 TR 2335 + tenderR118 bogie low loader Bogie low loader with logs Bogie Box car/goods van Bogie Refrigerator van£40
Diesel (4008) transcontinentalRuns very wellR130 (134) Bogie baggage car (blue roof) R24/25 (R131/132) Dome coach (Blue roof) Diner (grey roof) Observation car (grey roof)£40

Mink A progress

Doug and Richard have turned their attention to the Mink A van in recent months. Current progress is as follows:

Removal of everything under the frame that can be unbolted except for the drawgear which cannot be removed until the van has been removed to a final resting place for restoration. There is a slight twist in the frame which was unforeseen and will add additional time onto the restoration. The vacuum cylinder is currently being overhauled ready for rebuilding onto the van. Progress is weather permitting at present, with 9681 utilising the shed for the final part of its overhaul.

More to follow!

Mink G finished!

After several years of hard work by Richard and Doug as well as other dedicated volunteers, the Mink G van is now completed. A before and after comparison has been shown below. The van has had all new wood, and roofing completed as well as new metalwork in places. The van is expected to be out and about on the line as part of a special service on Sunday 26th September. Send in your photos!